McKinney Firefighters Association

Public Raffle 

Raffle tickets will be sold from July 15th to August 4th 2018

Only 250 tickets will be sold  for the TPC Craig Ranch Golf Raffle

 TPC at Craig Ranch Golf Raffle

 1 round - 4 people with Cart

($1,000 value)

TPC Raffle Tickets:

1 Raffle Ticket = $10.00

3 Raffle Tickets = $20.00

8 Raffle Tickets = $50.00

20 Raffle Tickets = $100

50 Raffle Tickets = $200

We are holding this raffle in order to raise money for our Retirement Badge Program.  The badges are made from a replica of the badges that were given to McKinney Firefighters starting in 1896. 

Only a McKinney Firefighter who retires from the McKinney Fire Department in good standings with

20 plus years of service will receive a Silver Badge.  Those members in good standings with

30 plus years of service will receive a Gold Badge.   

TPC Raffle Tickets

Raffle drawing will be held on August 5th.  

Winners will be notified by phone.

McKinney Firefighters